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Jenny Smith, Extremely Extraordinaire

Jenny Smith  of Tennessee just completed the four-day, four-stage  SCAR Swim Challenge  in Arizona.  She said of the  2022  World Open Water Swimming Event of the Year , " What an incredible event and awesome experience.  SCAR has been on my wishlist, and I am still reveling in it.  I cannot believe how  Kent Nicholas  and his swim support family pulls off such an enormous event, I am still in SCAR swim bliss ." While many of the marathon swimmers and channel swimmers thought the water was cold, Smith is an experienced, well-prepared extreme athlete.  " I was fortunate to have almost four weeks of cold water training right before SCAR, an informal swim camp with my Irish pod in Mallorca, and two weeks in Ireland, and Swimquest Channel and Long Distance week in Croatia.   So I did not mind the cold, although it did take me quite awhile to warm up in Canyon Lake.  I was kind of slow (off my pace for sure), but I think I was conserving and concerned about endurance ."